France vs Argentina

France vs Argentina Live Football : Argentina and France will be meet up on Saturday in Kazan, Russia by which the knockout stages of the World Cup 2018 starts. France is No. 7  in the FIFA world rankings, while Argentina is No. 5. But while France is the group champion of Group C by defending Denmark Argentina is holding 2nd place in Group D.

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Date: Saturday, June 30

Time: 5 p.m. local time/3 p.m. BST/10 a.m. ET

Venue: Kazan Arena, Kazan

TV Info/Live Stream: Fox (U.S.), BBC (UK)

Argentina vs France Tv Chanel, Picks, Odds, Live Score

Before you close your choices for the 2018 World Cup, you have to see what European football expert David Sumper says. Sumpter is an applied mathematics book called Soccermatics, a book that explains how math works in sports. Along with other experienced analysts, Sumpter has developed a powerful Soccerbot model.

Soccerbot reads current probabilities and all team performance data, calculates key metrics and predicts upcoming matches. In nearly three seasons since its inception, Soccerbot has enjoyed an incredible 1,800% chance of closing book makers.

Soccerbot has already drawn links to Argentina – Iceland (+385), Brazil and Switzerland (+360). He also correctly predicted that Iran would disturb Morocco by 275+, to name a few. Anyone who follows this rises.

Now, Digest the Soccerbot movie, and smash the numbers and divide both players in France and Argentina. This model put a very strong bet on the money line, which is only shared in SportsLine.

The model does not know which team showed their potential at the 2018 World Cup. France had one goal in Australia and Peru before a draw with Denmark. In spite of the dull matches, goalkeeper Hugo Lauris and the players have only allowed one goal.

Argentina did not qualify for the knockout tournament until the last minute of the third game. After a terrible draw with Iceland and a 3-0 defeat in Croatia, the team beat Nigeria 2-1, advancing to the qualifying round for Russia in 2018.

Despite the World Cup, France lost only once in the last 15 games. Argentina, for its part, is in a long recession, having won only four out of 14.

However, Allecelista has Lionel Messi, the team’s top scorer and one of the most successful players in the history of the game. They will not have to face Germany, which defeated them in the last three World Cup finals.

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